NHTD Program

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NHTD Program

NHTD service helps individuals with a specific plan that allows the individual's independence and freedom to integrate into the community. These services also focus on the health and wealth fare part, which involves looking after their overall well-being. In addition, NHTD services include various services to assist individuals in their home and community.

Ability Health Care System LLC considers NHTD as a very important and necessary service for people who are transitioning from a nursing home and facilitate the task of staying in their home, we help to navigate their daily activities. For us, the main motive is to help them get back on track in their life where they feel safe, secure, and happy. Our healthcare services include re-teaching, managing, and monitoring safety, helping them to live independently, and other additional support and services.

Why are NHTD Services Helpful?

NHTD healthcare services help individuals to stay in their instead of a nursing home. The chief idea behind these services is that people will have complete control of their lives. Ability Health Care System LLC assists them in knowing their rights and also helps them in achieving access to necessary services as needed. 

How Do Our Healthcare Services Help?

Ability Health Care System LLC assists individuals in receiving the finest care and helps them access the necessary NHTD services. With NHTD services, we also focus on furnishing services that revolve around local, state, vocational, and medical services. With these services, the person becomes independent, productive, and integrated. Furthermore, our healthcare providers aim to help them return or remain in the community where they have been residing. Our NHTD program offers ILST and PBIS services. 

ILST Service

The Independent Living Skills Training services are individually designed  to improve the ability of a person to live independently  as possible in the community.  ILST services include assessment, training and supervision of or assistance to an individual with issues related to self-care, medication management, task completion, communication skills, interpersonal skills, socialization, sensory/motor skills, mobility, community transportatiton skills, reduction/elimination of challenging behaviors, problem solving skills, money management, pre-vocational skills to maintain a household. 

How Do Our ILST Services Help?

Ability Health Care System LLC ILST services are provided in a holistic environment, resulting in the biggest positive result for adults and older individuals. Our services assist the person by increasing their participation in meaningful activities, like paid or unpaid employment. Our services are designed to help them learn, advance and have healthy living abilities.

PBIS Services

The Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support services are for people who have significant behavioral difficulties an may display inappropriate responses to events in their environment. The PBIS program helps to eliminate or reduce behaviors that interfere with the participant's ability to remain safely in the community, while teaching more socially appropriate behaviors.  

Our PBIS Services Include:
  • A proper evaluation of the individual's challenges, behaviors, skill level, potential, and the environment where the person resides. 
  • The creation and execution of a complete behavioral treatment plan, including realistic goals which other providers can use to assist the person.
  • Educating the family, supporters, and healthcare providers so they can efficiently apply the primary principles of the behavioral plan.
  • Regular re-evaluation of the success of the behavioral plan, making alterations to the plan as needed.
How Do Our PBIS Services Help?

Ability Health Care System LLC understands that problematic behaviors can be tough to handle, which is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore we develop strategies and programs that will help them manage, control and reduce their challenging behaviors. Our healthcare staff works systematically and diligently to perform their duties to get  the best results. Ability Health Care System LLC healthcare professionals have the expertise to support individuals with their challenges with effective behavior management techniques and strategies.