TBI Program

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TBI Program

TBI happens when an external action leads to serious damage to the brain. Common causes of TBI involve falls, accidents, and some medical conditions. There are quite a few names for TBI, like concussion, head injury, or loss of oxygen due to the brain. These injuries can impact numerous parts of a person’s life. People dealing with TBI and their families require reliable services and care. Ability Health Care System LLC knows that every individual's wants are different and modify over time, so providing focused services and support is vital. We have formed our services in such a way that every adult or individual receives a person-centered treatment. 


Counseling Services help with the emotional and behavioral problems that emerge with brain injury. After brain injury or damage, people experience instances of emotional recovery. The person who has suffered and their family needs to contemplate how their lives have been impacte by changes, like personality, employment, interests, and family support. Ability Health Care System LLC knows that a feeling of loss is common, but our services can help during this time and beyond. Our healthcare professionals are experts in their field and are prepared to offer immediate assistance.

Home Care Services

Home care services are necessary to assist persons with brain injury to live without boundaries. These services ensure each person receives the best care in an atmosphere where they are comfortable to communicate and get the finest care. Ability Health Care System LLC provides efficient services instantly and with due care. Our services permit a person with special requirements to stay in a home and are specifically for individuals enrolled in the NHTD and TBI programs. We offer a number of different services and provide them with important community resources for better recovery and health.  Under our TBI Program, two main services are offered, which are ILST and PBIS.

ILST Services

The Independent Living Skills Training services are individually designed  to improve the ability of a person to live independently  as possible in the community.  ILST services include assessment, training and supervision of or assistance to an individual with issues related to self-care, medication management, task completion, communication skills, interpersonal skills, socialization, sensory/motor skills, mobility, community transportatiton skills, reduction/elimination of challenging behaviors, problem solving skills, money management, pre-vocational skills to maintain a household. 

How Do Our ILST Services Help?

Ability Health Care System LLC ILST services are provided in a holistic environment, resulting in the biggest positive result for the person. Our services assist the person by increasing his/her participation in meaningful activities, like paid or unpaid employment. 

Our healthcare professionals guide and help each person to learn these independent living skills through the best means and instruction. Together they create a plan to support the individual's needs, such as confidence, meal planning, and socialization. Furthermore, we educate our participants on how to make their voices heard by assisting them in understanding their rights and responsibilities. Finally, we train the staff and healthcare providers to deliver the level of support that allows the participants to become as independent as possible. 

PBIS Services

The Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support services are for people who have significant behavioral difficulties an may display inappropriate responses to events in their environment. The PBIS program helps to eliminate or reduce behaviors that interfere with the participant's ability to remain safely in the community, while teaching more socially appropriate behaviors.  

Our PBIS Services Include:
  • A proper evaluation of the individual's challenges, behaviors, skill level, potential, and the environment where the person resides. 
  • The creation and execution of a complete behavioral treatment plan, including realistic goals which other providers can use to assist the person.
  • Educating the family, supporters, and healthcare providers so they can efficiently apply the primary principles of the behavioral plan.
  • Regular re-evaluation of the success of the behavioral plan, making alterations to the plan as needed.
How Do Our PBIS Services Help?

Ability Health Care System LLC understands that problematic behaviors can be tough to handle, which is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore we develop strategies and programs that will help them manage, control and reduce their challenging behaviors. Our healthcare staff works systematically and diligently to perform their duties to get  the best results. Ability Health Care System LLC healthcare professionals have the expertise to support individuals with their challenges with effective behavior management techniques and strategies.